My Art Trip

Choose your artistic inspiration  * Claude Monet * Vincent van Gogh

Paint in Monet's Gardens or Provence  September 2017

For artists and for art appreciators

Professional, Intermediate and Beginning Artists or Photographers.

 - - - Also enjoyed by non-Artists - - -

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"Monet Immersion"

We've added one day more to your Monet trip!

3 additional  painting sessions - NOW - 20 hours painting inside Monet's Gardens, when it is closed to the public

7 nights in Giverny / 3 days & nights in Paris

NEW in 2017 - Van Gogh trip - Travel with us to Provence!

"Van Gogh Immersion"

14 days discovering the light and life of Vincent's last four years of life
Paris, St. Remy, Arles & Auvers-sur-Oise

7 nights Provence / 3 nights Auvers-sur-Oise / 3 nights Paris

Any Art Medium - All Skill Levels
Drawing and beginning plein air instruction

See photos of our adventures on Facebook / My Art Trip. 

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Testimonial from 2015 artist, "Marianna Duford, an Artist with Wanderlust: "

"My Art Trip was amazing, fun, well organized and full of pleasant surprises.  From the minute I was picked up at the airport to our return to the airport from Giverny we were treated with respect and humor... important elements of any group travel trip.  I am a professional artist and it was everything I could have asked for, it truly became "My Art Trip".
Bottom line, the value received in exchange for the cost of the trip far exceeded my expectations.  As with any journey, you only have as much fun as you want to... and we had a great time.
If you are on Facebook you are welcome to go to my art page, like it, and head back to the month of June 2015 where I posted a wrote about the trip almost daily!"