Frequently Asked....

I don't see rates listed - what are the costs of each trip in 2020? 

Sue Ann is still confirming all bookings and arrangements. Each page will be updated as respective trip costs are completed. We expect the 2020 trips will be about the same as our previous year.  The range may be $4100 - 5300, based on preferred accommodations; number of days, tours, meals provided, etc.  Airfare not included. 

When does REGISTRATION open?

Registration is expected to open on or near December 1, 2019. An email will be sent to those who have HOLDS, giving them first opportunity to book their trip. Shortly after, the rest of our email list, and then the public will be notified.  

What are "HOLDS?"  

You may now drop us a line (via the form on the Be In Touch tab) and ask to 'put a hold on' one or more of the trips.  At registration, those with holds will be the first to have an opportunity to book a trip. 

When is payment due?

An $800 non-refundable deposit is due when you register. Payment plans are available. You may pay the balance at any time, and all monies are due 7 weeks before the first trip in each session. (Spring and Fall sessions) 


​We LIMIT LUGGAGE to one small suitcase and your carry-on or backpack. This is for everyone's convenience. Trust me, it's much more enjoyable to 'take a vacation from your stuff' and not be burdened with large or multiple suitcases. There are no porters - - you'll be responsible for carrying and lifting. We provide you amazing tips on how to pack lightly and still be ready for any occasion! 

What is the cancellation and refund policy?
$800 deposit at registration is non-refundable unless your space is filled on trip
Cancel before (Spring session March 1) (Fall session August 1): My Art Trip retains ½ of monies received.

Cancel after March 1 / August 1: no refund* 

*100% is refunded if I fill your cancelled space on the trip

I thought you host trips to Monet's Gardens.  
The Fondation Claude Monet advised us that beginning 2020, they will no longer allow artists or photographers into the gardens before or after public hours.
Be assured that if the Fondation decides to offer special hours for artists again, Sue Ann will be here ready to take you on the trip! 

If you have more questions, contact Sue Ann through the Be in Touch tab!