I'm not an artist, but I'd like to travel with you! 

You're in the right place! We've expanded. Now, in addition to Art Trips, we offer trips for exploring and sightseeing - even though we haven't completed our re-branding, and are still operating as "My Art Trip."  

I'm an artist! Will I have time to create?

BOTH of our spring trips, PARIS ART TRIP and ART STUDY in PROVENCE are designed for artists and include instruction. But you'll also have daily free time on all other trips. Sue Ann Hum is available on all trips for plein air tips. work in oils & watercolor and beginning calligraphy.  FYI - there is no reduced cost for non-artists on the two art trips. 

What additional costs will I have?

Our trips do not include

  • Airfare
  • Travel insurance
  • Transport to meeting location
  • Transport from departure location 
  • Some meals (We provide all breakfasts, several lunches or dinners. As each trip varies, details are given upon registration.) 

How much will meals cost? 

Average budget for meals in cafes and restaurants (depending on restaurant choice): 
Paris: $25 Lunch and $35 dinners

Provence: $20 lunch and $30 dinners

Instead of going out to eat, Sue Ann often stays on budget by buying herself food (like saucisson - mmm)​ at markets, shops or the grocer

How do I get to the meeting location? 

You are responsible for your own transportation to the meeting location.

PARIS ART TRIP and GIRLFRIENDS IN FRANCE participants will simply take a taxi from the airport to our hotel. If you prefer, your hotel can arrange a private car transport to meet you at your gate. ART STUDY and WINE TOUR will meet at the Avignon TGV station. Sue Ann will give information on how to book your train. 

How do I leave from the departure location? 

You are responsible for your own transportation to the meeting location.
PARIS ART TRIP - departs from your Paris hotel. The hotel can arrange transport for you to the airport or,  train station for your next destination.

ART STUDY IN PROVENCE, GIRLFRIENDS IN FRANCE AND THE PROVENCE TOUR WITH VINEYARDS - departs from the Avignon TGV station. Tickets are available through oui.sncf. Sue Ann will give information on how to book your train. 

When is payment due?
Your $1000 non-refundable deposit is due when you register. Payment plans are available. You may pay the balance at any time, and all monies are due 7 weeks before the first trip in each session. (Spring and Fall sessions) 


​On trips to Provence we LIMIT LUGGAGE to one small suitcase and your carry-on or backpack. This is due to space in our rental cars and for everyone's convenience. Trust me, it's much more enjoyable to 'take a vacation from your stuff' and not be burdened with large or multiple suitcases. There are no porters - - you'll be responsible for carrying and lifting. We provide you amazing tips on how to pack lightly and still be ready for any occasion!

While the Paris trip doesn't have luggage limits, you must be able to handle your own luggage and we encourage you to pack lightly. 

What is the cancellation and refund policy?
$1000 deposit at registration is non-refundable unless your space on trip is resold *
Cancel before (Spring session March 1) (Fall session August 15): My Art Trip retains ½ of monies received. *

Cancel after March 1 / August 15: no refund * 

*100% is refunded if your cancelled space is filled on the trip

I thought you hosted trips to Monet's Gardens.  
Our PARIS ART TRIP will have a day trip to MONET GARDENS in Giverny. 

The Fondation Claude Monet advised us that beginning 2020, they will no longer allow artists or photographers into the gardens before or after public hours. And doing artwork inside the gardens is not allowed during public hours. Be assured that if the Fondation decides to offer special hours for artists again, Sue Ann will be here ready to take you on the trip! 

MORE QUESTIONS?  Contact Sue Ann through the Be in Touch tab!

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