A chance meeting, when Sue Ann and her husband Rick were visiting Arles, introduced them to Mathieu, who has been a partner since that day.

                                                Born in Arles, now living in Aix-de-Provence, Mathieu

                                                knows Provence like the back of his hand. He's fun,

                                                funny, kind, and so very generous with his experience.

                                                The Girlfriends participants will truly treasure their time

                                                with Mat, whose expertise will make their trip most


                                                Mat is a professional guide with

                                                Provence Art Experience.                                                

Guides in France

Corey Frye * Mathieu Brousses * Joëlle Vallette Coat 

Three friends in France who give 'local voice' to My heART Trip, leading our private tours in Paris or Provence. 

Joëlle Valette Coat - Art Historian, Docent

On Sue Ann's very first trip hosting in France, she overheard Joëlle explaining Monet's Grand Panels to a group in the Musée de l'Orangerie, .... and hanging on

her every word. Respectful that she wasn't a part of the tour being led,

                    Sue Ann pealed herself away; but ran into them again later.

                    Long story short, she met Joëlle that day, immediately hired

                    her and her tours have been a part of My Art Trip ever since.

                    Extremely experienced, brilliantly shared; on her insightful

                    tour you too will find yourself hanging on her every word.   

Mathieu Brousses

Corey Frye "A French Frye in Paris"

Sue Ann had been following Corey's blog for

a few months when she hired him to guide her

group in 2017. Her guests raved about the

experience and he now always leads tours when she has guests in Paris. They have since become friends. Sue Ann and Susan have each been guests on his video blog. His tour(s) will delight and intrigue you - filled with history and more knowledge than you can imagine. Can't wait for you to meet him! 

Corey was living in NYC when in 2006 a serendipitous encounter on a subway platform introduced him to a random French tourist. She had a cute accent and

                                               he could play the guitar, so things worked out

                                               and after many long Skype chats and even longer

                                               transatlantic flights they married and moved to

                                               Paris. As soon as he touched down, Corey fell 

                                               under the city’s spell. He has dedicated

                                               his time to exploring and unlocking its

                                               secrets ever since. He is now a highly

                                               sought-after tour guide as well as an

                                               editor and writer about all things Paris.