Where's the trip

to Monet's Gardens?

We aren't traveling to Monet's Gardens in 2020


We were saddened by a June 2019 announcement that artists will no longer be able to create in the Gardens.  

Sharing the deep joy of experiencing the Gardens in the golden hours of the morning and evening has been more meaningful to me than I can express. The delight of the artists who traveled with me is incomparable and their work continues to be inspired by their Monet Immersion experience.  

The Fondation Claude Monet advised us that beginning 2020, they will no longer allow artists or photographers into the gardens before or after public hours. So, this ends our beautiful "season" of creating in his Gardens, separately from the open tourist hours.

Be assured that if the Fondation of Claude Monet decides to offer special hours for artists again, I will be here ready to take you on the trip!