Susan Rubin

"This trip was well executed from start to finish. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an opportunity to travel and immerse in art and wants the safety and pleasure of a group with experienced hosts."        - 2016 artist

Instructor & Co-Host

Welcome Dena Peterson to My Art Trip

From beginners through

Professionals, My Art Trip

participants are raving about

Susan's instruction.

A classically trained botanical artist, combining scientific accuracy with artistic expression, she approached these trips knowing "Paintings improve as drawing improves." Whether you're in need of drawing instruction or simply need to exercise and discipline yourself,  you'll love Susan's instruction.

  • Light on Form
  • Field  & Urban sketching steps
  • 4 values
  • Composition
  • The positives of negative space

Drawing has been her artwork of choice for over 25 years, and she exhibits in museums and galleries around the world. Since 1998, she has  taught drawing in graphite and colored pencil to more than a thousand students in the School of Botanical Art and Illustration at Denver Botanic Gardens as well as other workshops in the US and abroad. 

Long time resident of Colorado with a deep interest in its history and well-being, Rick was appointed by the Governor in 2015 to serve as a Commissioner on the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission.  

Rick loves skiing, remembering his mountain climbing years and also has a healthy obsession with playing Pickleball..

Sue Ann's first time painting Monet's water lilies 

"I LOVED all the museums we visited! Painting in the gardens was a dream come true! It was truly amazing painting off hours!! I really enjoyed everything we did!!"

Dena Peterson

Kudos on the very detailed itinerary. While I looked at it occasionally, once I left my husband raved about being able to know where I was and what I was doing while we did it. Is that a good thing? Lol

" This trip was truly a dream come true! I've never taken an art immersion trip, and it was wonderful to be able to work on my art as much as such did!  I came back with six paintings and a sketchbook  of memories.  Sue Ann planned a fantastic tribute to Monet! " - 2016 artist

Sue Ann's husband Rick is often a co-host for My Art Trip. Married in 2013, they love dancing, their Rocky Mountain home, and traveling.

In 2016, Dena accepted the invitation to participate in a historical, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - being one of the artists painting the film, Loving Vincent. 

Now, Dena Peterson is traveling to France with us to walk where Vincent walked, see what Vincent saw and paint where Vincent painted.

  • Painting en Plein Air step by step
  • Having confidence in making the most of your limited palette
  • The "value" of Value Studies
  • Learn van Gogh's Patterned Study! 
  • Channel Vincent to bring more passion to your painting

Dena will give you all the inside information about how they were trained to honor Van Gogh's paintings for the film and her excellent instruction will increse your confis she d how to channel Vincent to bring more passion to your paintings! 

This 2019 van Gogh Immersion trip will be Dena's first time in France, and My Art Trip is honored to introduce her to all the amazing locations of Vincent's life there. 

Co-Host Rick Hum (not an artist)  

A savvy traveler with a positive, joyful attitude, she loves taking people on the Art Trip of your dreams. 

How did these trips begin? 

When Sue Ann was first given permission by the

Fondation de Claude Monet to paint inside his 

gardens, she knew it would be life-changing!

Surrounded by overwhelming beauty and trying to

comprehend that she was seeing what Monet saw and

about to paint what Monet painted, she became deeply moved and filled with gratitude. As she stood on Monet's bridge with paintbrush in hand, tears trickling down her cheeks, she thought, “I wish every artist had a chance to experience this. And, it should be easy for them!"  Wanting others to have this blissful opportunity is an idea that wouldn't let go… and that idea birthed “My Art Trip.”

Expanded in 2017 to offer a second location, it was easy to select Vincent van Gogh as My Art Trip's next inspiration. The two trips are very different and both incredibly inspiring. 

In June of 2018, Sue Ann returned from her 12th trip to France and has hosted over 60 artists in Giverny, the Paris area or Provence. She knows what she's doing and she will be working to make certain YOUR experience is the very best she can deliver!

Oh.... one more thing! While working at Disney, she portrayed the Fairy Godmother - - she's totally into making dreams come true!

Host & Artist

Sue Ann Hum 


Dena Peterson

has joined My Art Trip! 

Rick & Sue Ann  October 2013 honeymoon

In Monet's Grand Allee'

Sue Ann organizes all details in France for your Art Trip; provides area information and concierge-type advice for your travels.