Multiple day workshop learning the secrets of NiHonga

  • Tap into your imagination
  • Discover the freedom of creating large
  • Work spontaneously
  • Learn ancient techniques
  • Bring new life to your own artwork
  • The workshop will cover Nihonga, Calligraphy, Ink, Oshibana, paper making, glues & pigments.

‚ÄčA major artistic movement, NiHonga remains largely unknown. Having studied with several Japanese masters including Fumiyo Yoshikawa, Wendy will unveil the codes and the sophistication of this art in this one time only workshop, given exclusively for My Art Trip. 

Wendy has a very modern take on this ancient Japanese technique. She often chooses to create florals - but you may choose any subject. Our Studio is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes to inspire you. In this study, there is imagination, spontaneity, and bright colors. Working large opens the mind to something inside the artist; learning to let go and clear the mind must be attained. Wendy shows you how to attain this through a process her master Ji Dahai taught her.

You will make all of the paints by hand with a very ancient glue mixed with pigments - it is life changing. Working on fine rice paper or washi paper from Japan is a unique sensation. This is liberating, fun and can help with artists who are trapped into the size of their canvas. We will go beyond it with fun and sophistication.

In this course, recipes of pigments and glues will be given to you. Also, the marouflage of small and very large pieces will be done together. Imagine moving your hand as if driven my music - a beginning calligraphy course is an optional part of your workshop experience. 

This workshop of intensive painting and Japanese techniques will allow you to enhance and bring purity to whatever technique your chosen medium. Wendy has participated in every artist course given in Provence throughout the years, with over 25 different artists. She shares with you knowledge gained from each artist and each technique.

Nihonga is an opening of the mind, new horizons; our workshop is a very rare chance to be introduced to the Japanese technique, rarely taught except with one student, one master. 

The impact of JAPANESE paintings on European painters and the resulting innovations in composition and coloring is phenomenal. The artists are Van Gogh, Odilon Redon, Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas, Gauguin among many others. Van Gogh evolved a technique of drawing with dots and lines using a reed pen with Hokusai as his preferred model. 

All supplies are included with 10 meters (about 11 yards or 33 feet!) of rice paper for each student. You are encouraged to paint large, to fail in order to learn, to free yourself and find new modes of expression.

All paintings will be shipped home to you. The supplies will be used to experiment during your entire stay with My heArt Trip. 

Cyanotype - Using natural elements to create images