Rick Hum

Art Study Provence   April 28 - May 7

Provence Wine Tour   October 19-27 

Carol Chamberlain

Sue Ann's first time painting Monet's water lilies 

Girlfriends in France   October 4-14 

Girlfriends in France   October 4-14 

Meet theseProfessionals - our "local voices" in France

The History of My Art Trip 

When Sue Ann was first given permission by the

Fondation de Claude Monet to paint inside his 

gardens, she knew it would be life-changing!

Surrounded by overwhelming beauty and trying to

comprehend that she was seeing what Monet saw and

about to paint what Monet painted, she became deeply moved and filled with gratitude. As she stood on Monet's bridge with paintbrush in hand, tears trickling down her cheeks, she thought, “I wish every artist had a chance to experience this. And, it should be easy for them!"  Wanting others to have this blissful opportunity is an idea that wouldn't let go… and that idea birthed “My Art Trip.” It was an easy business for her to create; she honed her travel hosting skills during her years as a traveling Manager for the Walt Disney Company.   

Expanded in 2017 to offer a second location, it was easy to select Vincent van Gogh as My Art Trip's next inspiration. The two trips were very different and both incredibly inspiring. And now, in 2020, her offerings have evolved even further! Not ONLY for artists anymore, this season doubles the number of trips she offers by opening the door to amazing new adventures for all travelers to explore, as she broadens her offerings to let you explore France in-depth with all new experiences!   

In short - Sue Ann knows what she's doing and she will be working to make certain YOUR experience is the very best she can deliver!

Oh.... one more thing! While working at Disney, she also portrayed the Fairy Godmother! Yup, she's totally into 'magic' and making dreams come true!

Owner, Host, Artist & Art Coach

Sue Ann Hum 

Art Historian

All Trips 

Instructor & Co-Host

Provence Wine Tour   October 19-27 


APRIL & MAY 2020

Paris Trip April 14 - 23  ​

Paris Trip  ​

Paris Trip  ​


Jöelle Valette Coat 

Art Study Provence   April 28 - May 7

Corey Frye 

"A French Frye In Paris"

Susan Rubin​

Girlfriends in France

"Provence Art Experience"


Art Study Provence   April 28 - May 7

Provence Wine Tour   October 19-27 

Mathieu Brousses


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Paris Trip April 14 - 23  ​

​Executive Sommelier 

Girlfriends in France  

Connie Willis​


Stateside Contact for your friends and family

Wendy Higbee Carando