Sue Ann's husband Rick is often a co-host for My Art Trip. In 2020 he serves our participants by providing state-side information if needed. He'll be at home in Colorado while we're traveling and families needing to reach our participants but unfamiliar with international contact, may reach out to him. 

For almost 20 years he's been known as 'that dancing man' at Denver Botanic Gardens and now at any place with music near his mountain home. Rick also loves telemark skiing, remembering his mountain climbing years and has a healthy obsession with playing Pickleball.

An over 40 year resident of Colorado with a deep interest in its history and well-being, Rick continues his 2015 appointment by the Governor to serve as a Commissioner on the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission.  Locally he's active as a Board Volunteer for Chaffee County Community Foundation; Chaffee County Common Ground- Citizens' Advisory Committee; Mesa Antero Water; and Peak to Peak Pickleball. (Hey - aren't you supposed to be "retired?") 


               Rick Hum 

                     Husband & Co-Host