With us since 2016 as Instructor/Co-Host, Susan Rubin returns in Spring 2020 for

        her 7th and 8th trips with My (he)Art Trip. A terrific 'match' for hosting our trips

        with Sue Ann, their FUN friendship and shared positive outlook on life make all the

        difference in our trips! As a bonus, Susan is a packing guru whose tips will help YOU enjoy traveling light; and her year-round practice of the French language puts Sue Ann's to shame. 

Susan is a resident of Denver, grew up in Colorado and has always

been inclined to draw and rearrange everything in her path. Her life 

has included extensive travel.

Join Susan in 2020 on these two trips:

​PARIS Trip  April 14 - 23

​ART STUDY in Provence April 28 - May 7 

Susan's Art    HERE is Susan's website

She formalized her study of Art and Art History at Colorado College

and the University of Exeter, England.

Susan's instruction on our trips focuses on "meeting you where you are"

in your abilities as an artist; honing the drawing skills for all; beginners

through professionals.  

                  In 1990 she discovered Botanical Illustration
at the Denver

                  Botanic Gardens and never looked back. Since 1998 she has

                  taught more than 12,000 students.

                  She has mounted numerous solo and group exhibits, and

                  illustrated gardening books, field guides, catalogs, seed

                  packets, product labels and even coloring books. 

Susan Rubin