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October 19 - 27, 2020

Wine Tour in Provence

WINE TOUR in Provence 

with Carol Chamberlain, Sommelier
hosted by Sue Ann Hum and Connie Willis  
 9 days in Saint-Remy-de-Provence

We like to drink wine, but admit we don't know much about it.
Let's change that, as we explore Provence vineyards
We are happy to welcome my friend,
Executive Sommelier Carol Chamberlain 

(Joie de Vin, llc) to our staff! 

  ·  Wine classes  · 

         ·  Vineyard visits and tastings  ·  

  ·  Special Meal with wine pairings  ·  
  ·  Villages  ·   Markets  ·  Shopping  ·    


                 Your Sommelier! 

               A welcome new partner to My (he)Art Trip

                       Carol Chamberlain will conduct wine classes

                       awakening new found passion for wine.

                       You'll learn about the genre of wine – 

                       plants, food, people, places. She'll also take

us to vineyards throughout Provence. This tour will give a

good background in the French wine system, types of wine

produced in this area, methods of production, typical tastes, age-ability, etc.

To this trip - we say "Salut" and "Tchin-tchin"