Wendy Higbee Carando

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                                My heArt Trip is honored to offer Wendy's EXCLUSIVE,

                                one-time-only NiHonga workshop. She rarely instructs and

                                then, only privately. ​An ex-pat, Provence artist working in

                                exciting mediums at her home near Arles, she regularly

                                exhibits at a gallery in Les-Baux-de-Provence.

                                It's no wonder she and Sue Ann are pals - Wendy is the

                                original founder of Provence Art Experience, now operated

                                by her son-in-law, Mathieu Brousses. Wendy and Sue Ann

                                share a growing friendship based on their love of art

                                exploration and of course, travel in France.  


​                                 'Audacity' defines Wendy who never fails to surprise as she brings us into the world of whispering paper. Her story is of love and light to which there is no end. Her art feeds on encounters. Her mastery has developed by capturing the beautiful landscapes of Provence; painting en Plein Air in Oils, Watercolors and Acrylics. 

The true revelation of her artwork came with her introduction to NiHonga, under the guidance of the masters Ji Dahai, Xiaohui Li and Kazuaki Tanahashi. Introducing her to the secrets of the scholars ancient the four treasures: the brush, Ink stick, Inkstone, and Washi paper. Rich with this knowledge, Wendy combines them to offer her unique poetry. Soft and sublime lights, shadows, colors and all contrasts of life. A contemporary take on a very ancient art.
Wendy is delighted to give My Art Trip artists this same opportunity to revolutionize how they choose to express themselves. 


ART STUDY in Provence